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Collective Bargaining

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"It's hard to imagine that a working man would vote republican,

Bernie Sanders has fought for worker's rights throughout his entire adult life. Vote for Bernie!

Pay Attention ~~~We need our Unions

Pay Attention ~~~We need our Unions

Trade Unions

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says there is a strong link between the weakening of unions and the rise in income share of the to.

1940's Our Fight is Right Here Vintage WW2 Poster

Vintage "Our Fight is Right Here, Work to Win" WWII Vintage Antique Advertising Poster Printed by: Privately Printed for Joint Labor-Management War Production Drive Committees by Rogers-Kel

UNIONS!   It sure was not republicans. They are trying to wipe out all Unions....

politics The GOP used to stand by strong unions! GOP, stand up for Unions again!

Unions help all wages to stay fair!

My Father taught me this as a small child. I watched him fight & claw for every dime. Now We are once again fighting the good fight.