Roasted Vegan Thanksgiving Bowl

Vegan thanksgiving roast: Is there any meal where potatoes feel more at home than they do at Thanksgiving? There's mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, sweet potato casserole, roasted potatoes (and roasted sweet potatoes!

РАЗДЕЛКА ТЕСТА. СПОСОБЫ ФОРМИРОВАНИЯ булочек,пирогов и многое другое

Images, no recipe. A few good ways to crust a pie- Especially for single crust pies.


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Saving this just for the cute bread design idea. No idea what the recipe entails.

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оригинальные идеи украшения блюд

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KRUMPLISPITE , még a nagymamámtól tanultam és nagyon finom!!

KRUMPLISPITE , még a nagymamámtól tanultam és nagyon finom!!

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