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Így tisztíthatod ki a sütőt vegyszer és súrolás nélkül! #otthon #takarítás #sütő Interior Design Kitchen, Diy Home, Lawn And Garden, Home Decor Entryway, Simple Diy Home Decor, Entryway Makeover, Decor Entryway, Simple Diy, Diy Bedroom Decor
Anyósomtól lestem el a trükköt!
Így tisztíthatod ki a sütőt vegyszer és súrolás nélkül! #otthon #takarítás #sütő
a woman holding a sunflower in front of her face
Így mentheted meg a haldokló orchideát | Balkonada
Nagy Jucó - Virágutazó, a virágos vállalkozások marketingese
four glass magnets with designs on them sitting on a table next to a piece of paper
Jewelrymakingdaily - Informasi Perhiasan dan Permata
While I was first learning torch-fired enameling, I did a lot of experiments–propane vs MAPP gas, sifting on vs dunking in enamel powders, opaque vs transparent, copper vs silver vs iron underneath–and even brass, which apparently couldn't be done. I'm so glad I found that it can be done, because transparent enamel on brass makes…
three different sized buttons in the palm of someone's hand with blue and green designs on them
Flowers on Canadian Pennies by blackcurrantjewelry on DeviantArt
Flowers on Canadian Pennies by blackcurrantjewelry
many colorful glass birds are laying on the ground
In spite of all the shuttering, packing, stocking up, watering up, etc. I still managed to finish these enamels. I still have 9 more to fill in but have packed them and the enamels in boxes to finish next week, hopefully, if we're still here! Tomorrow I'm evacuating my daughter from Miami and then it's just a waiting game until Sunday. That will give me some time to set a couple of these. If it looks really bad I might think about leaving town on Saturday morning. But that's dicey because...
three red flowers on a linen background
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*RIBBON ART ~ / Фото #31 - В минуты вдохновения(Моя вышивка лентами - pechka2
a square pendant with red and white flowers on black leather cord hanging from a necklace
Original Mixed Media Art & Enameled Jewelry by joanfitziart
Handcrafted Mixed Metal and Enameled Jewelry by fitzidesigns
a necklace made out of newspaper strips on a chain with a pendant attached to it -&nbspblureco Resources and Information.
newspaper necklace | @blureco
a man is working on some kind of shelf
Book Binding Book Press -
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