Because he wakes up every morning with his giant moppy hair and face and smile and rolls around in his own perfection. | 20 Reasons To Be Thankful For The Perfection That Is Harry Styles

20 Reasons To Be Thankful For The Perfection That Is Harry Styles - Happy Harry Styles’ birthday to everybody!

I truly believe that this picture didn't get enough buzz. So I'm bringin it back. For one thing, Harry Styles and a dog. Adorable. For ANOTHER thing. Green Bay Packers snapback... I'll see y'all in fangirl heaven. And then... How could we forget.... HIS MUSCLE TONE HAS INCREASED BY LIKE 2858639757%. WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS. HIS BICEP/CHEST/PEC/SHOULDER AREA IS MASSIVE. HE LOOKS SO MANLY. HE IS BUILT.

I'm sorry but look how cute the doggie is!>> There's a picture of Harry Styles shirtless and you were looking at the dog? The gorgeous boy is shirtless!

oh my good lord jesus christ he is one of the most perfect people on this planet... if not the most perfect♥

Black pea coat, simple white t-shirt + black slim jeans. This look is defined by the coat, the shoes + the hair. 3 combination that equals a street styled perfection.

Click the pic to go though to the respect point tally on RespectPoint. Thanks RespectDirectioners ♥ Zayn Malik Niall Horan Louis Tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Liam Payne ♥

Happy birthday to the one and only Harry Styles! You are such a great person and I hope one day I get the chance to meet you and tell you how many times you have put a smile on my face ❤️ love you Harry and happy birthday

harry styles. love his styles so much. love him so much. there is just so much love here. <3 haha

Best wishes to Harry Styles for his birthday on Feb Click through to send your own birthday wishes. We'll share them all to Harry on the day

Harry Styles ❥ i actually really want to wear that outfit

Harry Styles opts for trademark casual attire