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“Head games”… Sirsasana/headstand I'd love to be able to work my way to a full headstand!

How To Do The Upward Plank Pose (Purvottanasana)

Purvottanasana (Upward Plank) is intermediate pose that prepares you for arm stands and advanced back bends. Purvottanasana will open your chest.

How To Do The Cobra Pose ❤ www.SexyYogaSchool.com ❤ #yogi #yoga #sexyyoga #yogapose

LOWER BACK Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) requires arm strength, it can reap some great benefits as it opens the chest, stimulates digestion and increases the mobility.

How To Do The Eagle Pose ❤ www.SexyYogaSchool.com ❤ #yogi #yoga #sexyyoga #yogapose

The Eagle pose is a standing balance pose that strengthens the ankles and releases the tightness in the shoulders. Like any other balance pose, it gives a sense of poise and steadiness. This can come in hand when you are stressed. Its Sanskrit name came f

side plank pose ॐ Pinned By ❤ SexyYogaSchool.com ❤ yoga tha will make you HOT ❤ #yogi #yoga #sexyyoga #yogaposes

The side plank pose challenges you and improves your ability to stay calm and focused. The Sanskrit name has the root word “Vasistha”, which means “Best”.

Revolved abdomen pose guide ❤ www.SexyYogaSchool.com ❤ #yogi #yoga #sexyyoga #yogapose

Squeeze out the remaining stress and toxins in your body by trying out this supine yoga position. Aside from detoxifying your mind and body, it also stretches the spine improving posture and relieving you from back pain. It is also a good move to tone the