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The way they dance together when no one's watching. Chris Hemsworth And Tom Hiddleston Have The Hottest Bromance To Ever Exist XD

Thor and Loki ice cream

I bet Loki gets this a lot. or would, if Thor was obsessed with ice cream, and Loki and Thor actually got along.

Good looking out, Thor.

Thor: I have been hit by a car before. Loki: please. "Walks into road gets hit by a car" Thor: told you. Jane gets out from the car Jane:sorry!


Thor's face in the third one.hahahah This is probably how I'll be when watching "Thor:The Dark World" at the cinema. "Where's my Loki? I went to get a coffee. The love for coffee! OMG this is awesome!


Not sure if Tom Hiddleston plays Loki or Loki plays Tom Hiddleston ;-)<<Tom is a were-Loki and morphs into Loki during Full Moons.