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It's all about posture 🔥🔥
This pin describes the correct posture to do various exercises.. To know more about weight loss, check my bio.. ✅ Credits:- Unknown, msg me for credits or removal.. #health #healthyliving #weightlossmotivation #weightlossdiet #weightlossrecipes #weightlossworkout #weightlossexercise #weightlosschallenge #fitness #fitnesstips #fitnessaddict #fitnesslife #fitnesschallenge #fitnessandnutrition #fitnessyogabeginners #supplements #supplements #weightlosssmoothies #weightlossdrink #weightloss
DIY belt squats with a landmine
Difficulty: Medium What I used: • DIY landmine • DIY tbar row platform • Barbell • Weight plate • Chain • 2x4
DIY to reality —> I made an adapter to give additional range of motion to jammer/iso/lever arms.
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Want to grow your chest? Effective Tips
Dive into the world of muscle growth with effective tips and exercises. Transform your physique and conquer your fitness goals. #GrowYourChest #MuscleBuilding #FitnessMotivation
Want To Grow HORSESHOE Triceps ?!
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Want to Grow KING KONG Chest ? Do this workout
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the benefits of shoulder presses info
Shoulder Workout Routine
Inspired by One Punch Man, Saitama, this shoulder workout routine will challenge warriors to complete a series of common but yet effective shoulder exercises to improve overall strength, mobility and punching power!
an exercise poster showing how to do the same exercises
Weight Training: Complete Strength Routine
Although this strength workout only consists of 4 exercises, if completed correctly, your strength abilities will be fully challenged.
a poster with instructions on how to use the push day
Weight Training Push Routine
Change up your training program and incorporate this push workout into your routine to improve muscular strength and aesthetics in your chest, shoulders and triceps.
an info poster showing how to do squats and glutes in the gym
Weight Training: Legs and Glutes Day
There's no doubt that some of our favorite anime warriors have some of the strongest legs in the anime universe! Here is a legs and glutes circuit to help you build strength ane endurance in your lower body.
the complete guide to bodyweighting info sheet for beginners and advanced athletes, including exercises
Weight Training: Complete Body Workout 2
an info sheet describing how to use the calisthenics beast mode for bodybuilding
Full Body Calisthenics Workout: Beast Mode
an info sheet describing how to use the calisthanics pirate ashore for swimming
Calisthenics Full Body Workout: Pirates Ashore