I still need to watch the second season. They dubbed it while airing it. Crazy. Guess that's a new thing. Anime is just getting more popular in the West. Also they may be trying to bring the hate down on the dubs maybe. Like I get that people like watching it in the original language of what it was meant to be. But others just like watching in their own language. No need to say "you're watching it wrong". No they're not. They get the same message no matter what language they watch it.

PSYCHO-PASSサイコパス 公式 on

Psycho-Pass. Really good anime. Unpredictable plot. Bittersweet.

Psycho-Pass OST - Track 01 - PSYCHO-PASS by Venus von Knightwalker on SoundCloud -- 21 February 2013 -- 42640 424 -- great episode for this song.

(Kagari Shuusei/#1459814 - Zerochan) Omg I cried so much at that scene, I could not believe it.

(Kagari Shuusei/ - Zerochan) Omg I cried so much at that scene, I could not believe it.<< oh thank god I'm not the only one

Character: Akane Tsunemori.  Anime: Psycho Pass.  Akane have one of the best character developments I have seen anywhere.

What are some anime with insane character development (for example, character development in Naruto)? Naruto was hated, at the start could not do anything, and did not have any talent but grew up and is now the strongest.

Tsunemori Akane and Kougami Shinya from Psycho-Pass Movie


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Shuusei Kagari | Psycho Pass

Psycho pass Kagari Spoiler i actually miss this guy like omg when i watched that episode i was like nooooooo

PSYCHO-PASS/ Makishima Shougo

PSYCHO-PASS/ Makishima Shougo Why's there so much handsome evil anime character?