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a person holding a dog in their arms with his paw on the puppy's chest
11 Dogs and Cats With The Most Incredible Split Faces | 3 Million Dogs
You've probably seen photos of Venus the two-faced cat, but you probably haven't seen these dogs and cats who also have the most amazing split faces
a black puppy is being held by a woman's hand in front of a pine tree
Teddy bear
a large white dog sitting next to a baby deer
Prepare to die from cute.
a dog standing on its hind legs in front of a table with a laptop computer
And this guy who chose the least comfortable way to sleep but is making it work.
And this guy who chose the least comfortable way to sleep, but is making it work.
a dog is swimming in the pool with his head above water
19 Confused Puppies Learning About Water
"I don't really know what I'm doing but IT FEELS A LOT LIKE HAVING FUN."
a dog is chewing on a toy while laying on the floor
23 Heavy-Duty Dog Toys For Monster Chewers
16 Gifts for Monsters of Destruction Who Will Probably Destroy Their Gifts (& by probably- they mean WILL) -- Dexter needs all of these! Except the antlers...
a brown and white dog curled up in a black bowl
puppy love
So Cute!
So Cute!
a small dog wearing a frog costume in a basket
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