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a house is lit up in the snow at night
Villa Rustika
Located 164 feet from the ski slope in Jahorina, Villa Rustika provides accommodations with Wi-Fi, cable TV and kitchenette facilities. Nearest grocery shop, bar and restaurant are just 164 feet away. There are spa and wellness facilities at a hotel 1640 feet away, an indoor swimming pool is at a distance of 0.9 mi, while bowling is available 1.2 mi away. Various hiking trails can be found in the surrounding area, and night life can be enjoyed in some of the hotels within a 1.2 mi radius from th
snow covered trees line the road in front of a blue sky and white fluffy clouds
Jahorina mountain, Bosnia.
the sun shines brightly over snow covered trees on a sunny day in the mountains
Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
a cabin in the snow with pine trees and snow falling on it's roof
Jahorina mountain
House under snow on Jahorina
snow covered trees and buildings in the background
Visiting the Olympic Mountain Jahorina [Part 2/2]
the sun shines brightly over a snowy mountain with pine trees and snowboarders
a ski lift is above the snow covered trees
a snow covered mountain with trees and benches
Jahorina by bogdan kusmuk / 500px
Jahorina Mountain, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina; by bogdan kusmuk, 500px
a cabin in the middle of some trees covered in snow
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