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an apron with measurements for the size and width
an image of oven mitts and aprons with instructions to make them look like they are
a pink sheet with arrows pointing in different directions and the words plan de corte
¿Cómo hacer un esquinero de cama básico?
the instructions for how to make a bed with sheets and pillowcases in spanish
Como Hacer Sabanas Ajustables 42E
Canto mitrado de forma simples e prática
Medidas: 55x45 @MeninoCostureiro #costuracriativa #costura #costurafacil #costuracriativa❤️ #costuracriativaparainiciantes #costuracriativa✂️ #costuraafetiva #costurafácil #costureira #dicasdecostura
the numbers are marked in red and white on top of an image with arrows pointing to them
a glass table with place mats on it
someone is holding a piece of fabric on top of a mat that has flowers and leaves
the zippered pouch is made with polka dot fabric