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È il magazine italiano di arredamento che ti aiuta a vivere i tuoi spazi con stile, décor, progetti e soluzioni

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If you currently do yoga, or are considering indulging in it then you need to know these techniques. Yoga is a great way to maintain health in your life

So that's what the inside of my head looks like.

What a beautiful drawing. I love the detail and the concept. Plus, I love drawing portraits because people are just such a blast to draw, so this would be the perfect piece of artwork for me to try and replicate.

tumblr szerelem - Google keresés

tumblr szerelem - Google keresés

stressed out // twenty one pilots but now they're laughing in our face saying wake up you need to make money

Use to play pretend, give each other different names. We would build a rocket ship and then we'd fly it far away. Use to dream of outer space, now they're laughing in our face saying, "WAKE UP YOU NEED TO MAKE MONEY!" // stressed out, twenty one pilots