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BIRGIT - Daisy card with stenciled background.

hand crafted card from Birgit . dots stenciled on for background texture in the middle of the card . die cut daisy top on stamped stem . sentiment of top of that . use BUBBLE WRAP

Focus on the ‘Negative’: Exploring Emotions as a Spiritual Experience

Cameron Gray - Ghosts of the concrete world (artwork : Born Of Osiris - Tomorrow we die alive, Sumerian Records)

41 Groundcovers

41 Groundcovers to Know & Use: Groundcover plants, when properly taken care of, provide dense soil cover, retard weed growth, and prevent soil erosion. Groundcovers range in height from an inch to four feet. They can be woody or herbaceous;

When to grow

When to Plant Vegetables Reference Chart: Here’s a handy chart to help you determine when to plant vegetables in the garden. They’re divided into two groups: Cool-Season and Warm-Season