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a crocheted stuffed dog with a pink, blue, and green striped dress
several crocheted dachshunds are displayed on a wooden board with scissors
a quilted square with many different dogs on it's sides and one has its mouth open
crocheted owl with eyes closed sitting on top of a table next to pictures of the same item
Adornos de ganchillo
#adornos #adornosamigurumi #amigurumi #todoamigurumi #adornosdeganchillo
crocheted owl is shown in three different ways
Письмо «🧶 Специально для вас: идеи на темы «Вязаные крючком края», «Лоскутное вязание» и многие другие» — Pinterest — Яндекс.Почта
crocheted star ornament hanging from strings with the wording written on it
crocheted hearts are shown in four different colors