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From the book "Martine, petit rat de l'opéra" by Marcel Marlier & Gilbert Delahaye; or, as I knew it, "Anita no ballet". I remember propping this up on a music stand and doing the positions in my bedroom.

Dance humor - This is almost as good as "Avengers, Assenble!"  @isolationqueen1 @1ninjaduck @mooskya @maeveelizabeth1

Dance or geek board. AH my inner geeky dancer is so happy right now! Edit: also this is by far my most popular pin so I would really appreciate it if u guys checked out my other pins too, thanks :)

Juliette Bosco, Ellison Ballet, photo by Rachel Neville. ✯ Ballet beautie, sur…

yoiness: Ellison Ballet student Juliette BoscoPhoto by Rachel Neville Photography The fact that she’s TWELVE YEARS OLD kills me