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Chill judgey dude, that kind of umbrella doesn't have a hook base. Beach dude is only a little weird<<<<still dou

Los animales son terapia natural contra todo,

Pets are awesome to grow up with

Pupy Training Treats - Pets are awesome to grow up with - How to train a puppy?

BATMAN - ese hombre de grandes misterios y de grandes facetas

Funny Batman, Superman, Aquaman, the Flash comics. Gotta love Batman on the Bat Scooter and Aquaman in the tub with his rubber sucky and trident.

jj - meme

For people who are allergic to Internet cats, here is another take: if web browsers were guns.

Képtalálat a következőre: „viccek a házasságról”

Képtalálat a következőre: „viccek a házasságról”


[RMX] Old Age Making Boobs Bigger by halvarknutson - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

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Well, owl be damned.

When I’m hiding from my responsibilities but they suddenly catch up with me

vicces, humor, poén

vicces, humor, poén