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a painting on the side of a wall with an image of a woman's face
an art nouveau painting of a woman with flowers in her hair
a painting of a woman sitting on top of a bed in front of a window
MUCHA (Alfons) Art Nouveau - Jugendstil: ~The Times of the Day: Night’s Rest (1899)~
two art deco light switch plates with beautiful women in the same painting on them, one is holding a flower and the other has a feather
Mucha profile
an art nouveau poster with a woman holding flowers
"Primrose" ~ Alphonse Mucha ~ Click through the large version for a full-screen view (on a black background in Firefox), set your computer for full-screen. ~ Miks' Pics "Alphonse Mucha" board @
a painting of a naked woman with flowers on her chest and hair in the wind
Imitación del estilo de Gustav Klimt. See The Virtual Artist gallery:
a painting of a woman smelling flowers
kimlion loves goggles — soulmates-twinflames: You may not control all...
the kiss by klimt painting on canvas
Gustav Klimt 'The Kiss' detail, between 1907-08 Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna
a painting of a woman sitting on top of a log next to water lilies
The Kissed Mouth
Ophelia J W Waterhouse
a painting of a man and woman kissing in an archway with greenery around them
Presents Stories Of Famous Lovers - Romeo and Juliet
a painting of a man and woman standing next to each other
Come what sorrow can | Romeo and Juliet
Toshiaki Kato - Palm to Palm (inspired by Franco Zefferelli's Romeo & Juliet)