Peg Doll

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two dolls are in a glass bottle on a doily with twine and rope
a keychain with a doll attached to it on top of a brown purse
a keychain with a nurse doll on it that says, vetl hugs
Ahşap Boncuklardan Tasarımlar
some balls with faces and hearts are hanging from twine on a white tablecloth
the family is made out of wood and has been placed on top of each other
a person holding up a tiny house with two small figurines in it
an assortment of wooden objects are displayed on a shelf
Houten popjes | Plan Mien
an ornament with three small wooden dolls in it next to a christmas tree
Bewaarzakje van Lief Moment
a glass dome sitting on top of a wooden stand
Wahnsinnig clevere und lustige Geldgeschenkideen
an assortment of small wooden toys sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says out the cake
BASIC Hout standaard quote & ballonnen
a wooden tray topped with figurines on top of a white table next to a heart