Lutheran Church by Makovecz Imre, Siófok- Balaton, Hungary

This Lutheran Church shows a more modern built landscape so they would attract and gather people to its unique religion.

Air Siofok, Hungary

From above, Siofok, Hungary - Europe.

Siofok - 'strand' aan het Balatonmeer

Siofok - 'strand' aan het Balatonmeer

Siofok, Hungría

HUNGARY, Siofok: By the Balaton, Siofok was a lovely little place for a few days holiday in the hot Hungarian summer



Bela Czóbel statue in Siofok

Statue of Béla Czóbel by Imre Varga, Siófok, Hungary

The famous water tower in Siofok

The famous water tower in Siofok is a distinctive and the most outstanding building of the city with an exclusive Cafe and Oxygen Bar and an ultra-modern