I have 3 sides...

I have 3 sides. The quite sweet side. The Fun n Crazy side. The side u never wanna see.

I'm not who I was before.

I'm not who I was before.

I... you!

I... you!

Life is not...

Life is not.

Don't cry! Don't cry! Don't cry! FUCK!

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind // It’s all falling apart! I’m erasing you, and I’m happy!

Miss me too, please.

awesome I am really hoping that you miss me. I'm really hoping that you miss me too.

All I want...

He's not perfect.but he's all I want♡ forever>>>> Hope u had an amazing birthday! This is you glenn wishing you the best as all ways.

Smile today...

Smile today, cry tomorrow quotes quote girl smile girly quotes cry girl quotes girl sayings girl quote and sayings

Another day without You...

Another day without You.

Take me...

Take me to a place where doors are open. A lovely place where no one's broken.