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Horányi Balázs

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Horányi Balázs
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Turn into fairy? // SILENT REVERIE Victorian inspired angel art 17 inch x 22 inch giclee print from original angel drawing by Jessica Galbreth.

Soft makeup

Ni Ni,倪妮 Ni Ni (born August is a Chinese film actress. Ni first came into national prominence through close collaboration with Chinese director Zhang Yimou. In Zhang’s new film The Flowers of War , she played the leading role “Yu Mo”.

Love the feel of this image and really like the blurred back ground- could we do this as part of the indoor shoot? Earrings, rings and bracelet could be worn. Soft feel- exactly what I'm looking for.

I like this picture because it gives me the idea to use jewlery and other accessories in my own work. The subject is the girl but the rings are more of what catches your eye. The look on her face as its own story, as well.