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You can turn the Raspberry Pi into a steam box by installing some software on the Pi and a gaming PC. You will need to have an Nvidia graphics card in the gaming PC for it to work correctly.

Computer Education World. Locating Desktop Computer Information Has Brought You To The Right Place. Buying a computer is an investment that should be carefully made.

How do you know which #IT job is best for you?  Check out this #infographic to know which one is best for you among a number of different jobs in technology.

In the very broad field of IT, there are a lot of different careers to choose from. Aside from involving computers, the actual day-to-day workflow and sala

systemd vs sysVinit cheatsheet.jpg - fonte: Colourful ! systemd vs sysVinit Linux Cheatsheet ( command/systemd vs sysvinit cheatsheet/)

This article will make you understand systemd vs sysVinit commands it with a cheatsheet. systemd is the new init system, started with Fedora and now started adopted in many distributions.