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a brown horse is running in the grass near some trees and mossy branches with spanish moss hanging down on it's sides
Breed Portrait: The Lusitano
How can you not be in love with the Lusitano? 😍 With a history spanning 25,000 years, the Lusitano’s roots run as deep as the trees on the Iberian Peninsula, where the breed’s adaptations to the unusual environment created a brave companion for humans. Learn more about this historic breed ⬇️
a brown horse standing on top of a grass covered field next to a wooden fence
Breed Portrait: The American Saddlebred
The American Saddlebred has an unmistakable presence wherever the breed goes 🤩 These horses can be found just about everywhere in the equestrian world. Though best known for their breathtaking performances in the show ring, this breed has earned devoted admirers across disciplines. If you’re a Saddlebred lover or want to learn more about this breed, you’ll want to check this out 👇️
a woman riding on the back of a brown horse with a dog running behind her
The Rocky Mountain Horse
The Rocky Mountain Horse, "One Horse for All Occassions” ✨️ This easy, resilient and versatile horse is a popular choice for all ages and levels of riders from trail riding to show ring enthusiasts. Learn more at 🐴
a brown and white horse standing in front of a building
Breed Portrait: Colonial Spanish Horses
Today, several Colonial Spanish Horse strains are being preserved by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy (ALBC) and several registries. The goal is to keep these strains alive and healthy. These related strains of horses have stayed genetically distinct despite centuries of obstacles and being whittled down to small numbers. Read more about their intriguing history 👇️ #horseillustrated #spanishhorses #colonialspanishhorses #horsebreeds
a man riding on the back of a brown horse next to a sign that reads, a ha fan zone
Check Out the AQHA Fan Zone
America's Horsepower – the American Quarter Horse 🤩 Sign up for the free AQHA Fan Zone to receive an exclusive webpage and content, including newsletters, a free issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal, ebooks, downloadable charts, information on famous Quarter Horses, history, helpful resources – and more! Sign up for free at the 🔗 below 🐴⁠ #AQHA | #FanZone | #QuarterHorse #AmericasHorsePower | @aqha1
a brown horse running in the grass with trees in the backgrouds behind it
The Intriguing History of the Akhal-Teke
With a gleaming coat and a fascinating history, the Akhal-Teke is one of the most intriguing breeds around 🤩 Learn more about the Akhal-Teke and the captivating journey this breed has endured 👇️ #horseillustrated #akhalteke #horsebreeds
a man riding on the back of a brown horse next to a body of water
The Paso Fino Horse
Hit the trails in style with this smooth-gaited Latin breed 🐴 We’re talking about the Paso Fino, of course! Born with a naturally smooth gait that creates almost no movement for the rider, they’re the perfect way to travel down the trail, especially over long distances. Read more about the Paso Fino 👇️ #horseillustrated #pasofino #horsebreeds #trailriding
two brown and white horses standing next to each other on a black background in the dark
Spotted Horse Breeds
Whether you ride for pleasure or performance, there’s a versatile breed to help you get spotted 😉 See what we did there? Spotted horse breeds are some of today’s most well-known breeds, and it turns out they have a pretty interesting past. Learn more about the Appaloosa, Knabstrupper, and the Pony of the Americas 👇️ #horseillustrated #horsebreeds #appaloosa #knabstrupper #poa
a large brown horse standing on top of a lush green field with trees in the background
Meet the Andalusian
You simply can’t deny the beauty of the Andalusian 😍 But do you know the detailed history of this elegant breed? Learn more about the Anadalusian — of history and modern times 👇️ #horseillustrated #horsebreeds #andalusian
a brown horse with blonde hair standing next to a blue sky
The Tennessee Walking Horse
This breed’s willing personality and easy-to-ride gait make it an American favorite ❤️ Yes, we’re talking about the Tennessee Walking Horse. Learn more about this breed here 👇️ #horseillustrated #tennesseewalkinghorse #tennesseewalker #horsebreeds
a brown horse wearing a bridle with trees in the background
Akhal-Teke: Featured Breed in Horse Illustrated September 2023 Issue
The gleaming coat and refined beauty of the Akhal-Teke make for the perfect traits of a cover model 🤩 If you love this historic and regal breed, don’t forget to pick up a copy of our September issue! The issue starts with an Akhal-Teke in traditional tack on the cover and ends with an in-depth profile on the breed. Get a copy here 👇️ #horseillustrated #akhalteke #horsebreed #rarebreed #horsemagazine
a black horse with long hair on it's head is standing in the dark
All About the Friesian Horse
With their movie star good looks, Friesians are one of the most recognizable breeds in the horse world 😍 But Friesians are far more than just a pretty face, excelling in multiple sports. Learn more about this incredible breed 👇️ #horseillustrated #friesian #friesianhorse #horsebreed #beautifulhorses
a white and black spotted horse running in the grass
Appaloosa & Knabstrupper: Spot the Difference
An obvious perk of owning a loud-colored Appaloosa or Knabstrupper is that you’ll never misplace them in a field 🤷‍♀️ Also, you’ll have major bragging rights for how cool of a coat pattern your horse is always repping. It’s a win-win situation. Learn more about these two breeds and how to spot the difference between them (pun intended) 👇️ #horseillustrated #horsebreeds #appaloosa #knabstrupper #spottedhorses #aphc #appaloosaproject
a brown and white spotted horse standing in the grass
The Appaloosa Horse
Want to stand out from the crowd? 🤩 An eye-catching breed with intriguing history and undeniable versatility, the Appaloosa may be the breed for you. Learn more about this lovable breed 🐴 #horseillustrated #appaloosa #appaloosahorse #horsebreed #aphc #icaa #aphcproud #spottedathome
a white horse with black and gold decorations on it's head, standing in front of
The Arabian Horse Breed Profile
This breed is known for its endurance and versatility, no matter what the discipline 🤩 Of course, we’re talking about none other than the Arabian. Learn more about this beautiful, influential breed ✨ #horseillustrated #arabian #arabianhorse #horsebreeds