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Realistic sketch of a pineapple via pencil

Pineapple Tattoo symbolizing Friendship, done in Studio City, CA by Emily Anne ❤️

Pineapple Tattoo symbolizing Friendship, done in Studio City, CA by Emily Anne ❤️ Mais

12 Pineapple Tattoo Ideas For Gals Who Are Prickly on the Outside but Sweet on the Inside

Pineapples are so much more than a juicy tropical fruit or SpongeBob SquarePants's home; they're a status symbol. Christopher Columbus discovered them on his

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Grey shirt with jeans overall and grey converse

Winter fall outfits

This looks soooo comfortable

Watercolor Pineapple 8x10 Printable Instant by HaveALaugh on Etsy

Watercolor Pineapple Printable Instant by HaveALaugh on Etsy


Right wrist - mottled colors for phoenix in green

Watercolor compass by Georgia Grey

42 Friggin Amazing Compass Tattoos - TattooBlend - www.

subtle color stain This is hands down one of the most unique tattoos I’ve ever seen. It looks more like a colorful stain or a bruise given to you by a unicorn kiss than a purposeful ink design. But that’s the magic of it. Just make sure you find a talented artist before picking this tatt. If they do it wrong, you might end up with something that looks more like a pre-schooler’s art project than the perfect painter’s blend.

for georgia, my rainbow baby. very interesting idea for a tattoo. faded colors, no outline, very soft. unlike anything I've ever seen before. looks like the rainbow a prism makes when the sun hits it.