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Tatjana Dejanović: Šta odlikuje savremenu damu?

How do you make a good impression without being the center of attention? Abigail tells us how to be the classy and unassuming life of the party.

Gawd this is the scene where he's looking at the monster just before... well you know SPOILERS DX

“[Tom] Hiddleston remains the single greatest asset at Marvel’s disposal, a complicated baddie played by a fine actor with a blend of wounded malice and impish glee.

Natasha and Barton

Nat and Clint in Captain America: Civil War - his little smile afterward. THEY BOTH NEED A MOVIE. The red room, Clint being all badass and taking Nat in, Budhapest, Auntie Nat.

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers Aka Captain America (The Avengers)

Captain America (Chris Evans) gets the spotlight in the latest still released from Marvel Studios for The Avengers. The film features a.

I'm pinning this just because

“Be like Thor” is almost always good advice. Also, I feel pretty sure we’re going to get a scene in Infinity War where Thor and Hulk find out about Civil War, and they’re gonna completely freak out and it’s going to be HILARIOUS

I LOVE that Rhodey was still teasing and playing, even after what happened to him. <3 Poor Tony Stank!

I just wanna movie where Stan Lee just becomes like a main character, and he just gathers all the avengers and says, "I've been watching you for years." And they all just gape and Tony is just staring at him and Stan says, "You too Tony Stank.