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There are hundreds of cool paracord projects floating around the prepper and survival community. We've pulled together 101 of our favorite 550 paracord projects for you to get stuck into. There really is something for everyone in this article. Whether your...
What good is WD-40 after the SHTF? Sensible Prepper made a great video that answers this question.
Volga 21 concept, Daniyar Kdyrov on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0dn4E
SCAR Blades Papa Bear Fixed Survival Knife, Powdercoat Gray Brown Black
Did you know, you can use common bubble wrap as insulation for windows? I had heard of this bubble wrap trick to save energy before, but had never actually gotten around to trying it. While most ...
Pallet Wine Bar
15 of the Coolest Houses with Secret Rooms - Quick, Get Behind the Mirror! | Guff
How to Create a Safe Room in Your House or Apartment | The Organic Prepper | #prepbloggers #homesecurity
Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker Survival Blade/knife #survival #survivalknife #trackerblade #survivalgear
The Hexagun – Improvised six barreled shotgun seized in Brazil