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House of Swans
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Beautiful long bridal hairstyle.  For unique wedding favors vist

Can’t seem to decide between hair up or down for your wedding day? Then check out these perfect half up half down wedding hairstyles in our collection below! Half up half down wedding hairstyles flatter almost any bride because of the versatility that com

Bridesmaid Photo Fun : For Those "Always a Bridesmaid" Memories - Belle the Magazine . The Wedding Blog For The Sophisticated Bride.

Wedding picture idea: bridesmaids hold a mirror with the bride reflected in it so it looks like a picture frame. And with mother of the bride standing behind mirror looking at the bride!

18 Frozen Desserts...Perfect for Summer

Frozen Pink Cheesecake - the crust is sweet and crunchy by using almonds, coconut oil and dates. The filling is quite fresh with mascarpone cheese, curd, honey and fresh strawberries and raspberries.