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Eliminating gum disease adds 6.5 years to your life! #LiveLonger

GUM HEALTH is linked to virtually every vital system in the body! Two simplest ways to keep your gums healthy: "brush and floss daily"

And what a big change

Spencer looks so young in the the top photo compared to the bottom one



Has anyone ever told you that you used to get a great smile? It is usually stated in a tone which conveys deep esteem. This is a fairly common occurrence as a beautiful smile can make a lasting impression.

Smile Perfectors is a leading dental arts center at Tysons corner, VA. We at our dentistry offers personalized dental care such as teeth whitening, dental implants and many more at Tysons Dental Center.

Dentaltown - Did you know that a baby tooth won't fall out unless there's an adult tooth to replace it?

MOST BABY TEETH fall out as a result of permanent teeth pushing up from underneath. If your child has any accidents and loses any teeth prematurely, come in and see us so we can prevent any complications!

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BRUSH YOUR SKELETON TOOTH FACT: While they are part of your skeleton, teeth aren't considered bones! Any nutrients that build strong bones also build strong teeth!