Low Polygon Artworks | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Low Polygon artworks have become a trend and for a simple reason, the breadth of character as compared to super photo-realist images.

Boathouses on Behance

Rutger Paulusse aka Gwer is an illustrator focussing on designs for online and print playing around with graphic shapes, dimension and bold colours.

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The scifi scenes represents view on the near future of humanity.

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X-Particles 3 to Arnold - Feature Overview on Behance

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8d5b24dd0122f8bf50d442767e6f90b6.jpg (600×647)

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Working under internationally renowned design firm Pearlfisher, MDI were delighted to be tasked in taking their exciting new concepts for the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand and bringing them to life.Pearlfisher‘s creative core for the redesign was the idea of&

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I was very lucky to work with Aixsponza on their in-house project "Seed". During production some of the initial style frames & layouts didn't get used in the final cut. These are some outtakes that didn't make it.

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The super impressive futuristic creations of Daniel Hahn aka DAYTONER, a digital illustrator, artist and concept designer based in the U.