Raspberry-Cherry Jam - Hungarian Cookbook

Would you like to prepare a special jam? Try this raspberry-cherry jam: easy and delicious, the best choice for your toast or cake. Read how to prepare>>>

Hungarian Waffles - Hungarian Cookbook

Looking for a super easy waffle recipe? Try this Hungarian waffle recipe: quick, easy, and very delicious! All recipes are illustrated with pictures >>>

Paprika Potato - Hungarian Cookbook

Today I decided to cook a very easy food – paprika potato. Quick, easy, and super cheap… Kids usually love it, and can be prepared in vegetarian version as well.

Apple Pie - Hungarian Cookbook

This traditional Hungarian apple pie - almas pite - is very easy, cheap, quick to prepare.Don't like apple? Choose another fruit >>>

Layered Potato Casserole - Hungarian Cookbook

Layered potato casserole is served in almost every Hungarian family. It has several variations, you can put in it almost everything.

Cucumber Salad - Hungarian Cookbook

It is a very common cucumber salad (just as tomato salad), which is served in all restaurants in Hungary.

Tomato Salad - Hungarian Cookbook

It is a very common tomato salad (just as cucumber salad), which is served in all restaurants in Hungary.

Strawberry-Cream Soup - Hungarian Cookbook

This super easy, super quick soup will be ready in less then 15 minutes!

Sponge Cake with Cherry - Hungarian Cookbook

Sponge cake with cherry - Cseresznyes piskota - Hungarian Recipes

Chicken Meat Soup - Hungarian Cookbook

This chicken meat soup husleves recipe is the all time favorite.

Cottage cheese donut - Hungarian Cookbook

Cottage cheese donut is a very easy dessert, ideal for beginners. Takes about 30 minutes to prepare, so it is good for breakfast or after lunch as well.

Pork Stew - Hungarian Cookbook

Pork stew is one of the most traditional Hungarian meals. Easy to prepare, and you can find ingredients in every household.

Sponge Cake with Apricot - Hungarian Cookbook

Sponge cake is a delicious pastry, which is still soft a day after.