Lake Balaton

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a person on a surfboard in the water near some rocks and steps leading to a dock
Swimming in Lake Balaton, Hungary. Beautiful place in central Europe for a summer vacation
a flock of seagulls flying over the ocean next to a wooden platform with a table on it
a yellow house with white and red flowers in the front yard on a sunny day
Balatonederics Afrika Múzeum
a white house with thatched roof and windows
Tihany - Fotó: Csabai Hajnalka - Forrás…
three people jumping into the water from a dock in front of a body of water
Balatoni pillanatok fot�p�ly�zat
jumping into the water#Balaton#Hungary
a large group of sailboats in the water with mountains in the background on a cloudy day
Balaton. Hungary. A 2016-os rajt pillanatai képekben. Fotó: Szántó Áron
a row of colorful umbrellas sitting on top of a body of water at sunset
Summer Evening at Lake Balaton
Summer Evening at Lake Balaton by Csilla Zelko on 500px
pink peonies blooming on the side of a gravel path near a tree
the water is green and blue with clouds in the sky
a sailboat in the water at sunset
a nap képe
Narancsos Balaton vitorlással - a nap képe