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a chair with a book on it next to a yellow and gray striped ottoman that is sitting in front of a wire fence
two pictures one is red and the other has pink yarn on it's handle
two crocheted items are sitting on the ground next to some rocks and yarn
crocheted rugs and chairs in front of a house
some white dishes and spoons are laying on the ground next to each other,
there is a yarn basket on the table with it's handles wrapped in twine
several pictures of different types of plants in wooden boxes and windows with flowers growing out of them
Siphon-bottle crate.
there are four pictures of different tools used to paint rocks and wood, including an electric drill
DIY pencil holder!
several pictures of different things made out of toilet paper, scissors and other crafting supplies
DIY planting
four different pictures show the process of making fabric bags with scissors, tape and yarn