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a poster with different types of candies in bowls and spoons on the table
Hieu Nguyen is an Art Director and designer based in New York.
Food Magazine May 2015 Issue by Creative Director of Food Content
a large poster with many different pictures on it's sides, including the words and numbers
Simple Food Magazine
Simple Food Magazine Template | #magazinetemplate #magazinedesign | Download:
the pizza we love is shown in this magazine
Food Magazine Layout #Food #Magazine #Layout #Pizza
the harmony of the seas cruise ship
Click on photo to see Royal Caribbean press release with information on the Ultimate Abyss slide -- Harmony of the Seas Takes Multi-Sensory, Hair-Raising Thrill to New Heights in May 2016
an open book with cut out mountains on it
'a cloud' [book] by katsumi komagata,
an image of the front and back side of a business card with different images on it
J U N I P E R Flyer
A Beautiful Multipurpose Flyer Templats InDesign INDD
the top deck of a cruise ship with water slides
Harmony of the Seas Preview
Harmony of the Seas
two large pink pipes sticking out of the side of a bus
Best Cruise Ships: Discover Our Top Rated Ships | Royal Caribbean Cruises
Harmony of the Seas | Plunge down 10 stories in the Ultimate Abyss, if you dare. Photo by Dream Blog Cruise Magazine.
a large cruise ship that is docked in the water
Escale croisière
Harmony of the Seas | Become blown away when you witness the massive Ultimate Abyss slide, which amasses to 10 stories, earning the title of largest slide at sea.
a large cruise ship in the water near some buildings and other boats on it's side
This View Of Harmony of the Seas Is Utterly Outstanding
We're going Harmony of the Seas crazy as the world's largest cruise ship was delivered to Royal Caribbean just days ago.
a man standing on the deck of a cruise ship looking at the sun going down
Harmony of the Seas | Cruise Ships | Royal Caribbean Cruises
Ultimate Abyss, Harmony of the Seas | | The energy that courses through your veins as you plummet 10 stories will only be matched by your desire to do it again and again.
the inside of a cruise ship that is under construction and covered in white tarps
Harmony of the Seas Update: Latest Construction Photos
Latest construction photos of the largest #cruise ship ever built, Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas.
two cruise ships in the ocean with caption that reads, world's largest cruise ships meet up off florida coast
World's 3 Largest Cruise Ships Meet for the First Time
The three largest cruise ships ever built, Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, and Oasis of the Seas, met for the first time yesterday for an epic photo shoot off of the coast of South Florida. Each of these Oasis class ships are more than 225,000 gross tons each, more than …
a woman walking down a walkway in front of a cruise ship
Harmony of the Seas | Cruise Ships | Royal Caribbean Cruises
Harmony of the Seas | Let adventure lead the way all across the decks of the world's largest ship. Come Seek the Ultimate Abyss, FlowRider, and more, only on Royal Caribbean.
a large cruise ship docked in the water
Photos of the World's Largest Cruise Ship, Harmony of the Seas
Latest construction photos of the world's largest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas. #cruise
the large cruise ship is docked in the harbor at night, with its lights on
Harmony of the Seas Photo Update
Royal Caribbean has released a few more photos of their 3rd Oasis class ship, Harmony of the Seas, that is currently under construction at the STX ship yard in France. Harmony of the Seas will be the largest cruise ship ever built at 227,000 gross tons. The ship is scheduled to debut in the spring o…
the largest cruise ship in the world, harmony of the seas
Largest Cruise Ship in the World - here's the 3 Coolest Features. Would you do #1?! See full post here:
a large cruise ship docked at the dock
Drydock empty good chance to see all of Harmony of the Seas from keel to top March 14 2016
the top deck of a cruise ship with an inflatable dragon on it's side
Best Cruise Ships: Discover Our Top Rated Ships | Royal Caribbean Cruises
Harmony of the Seas | Step to the edge, peer into the darkness, and listen to the call of the unknown. Only on the Ultimate Abyss.
the top deck of a cruise ship lit up at night with colorful lights on it
Harmony of the Seas | Cruise Ships | Royal Caribbean Cruises
Harmony of the Seas | Every night comes alive aboard the world's largest cruise ship.
the top deck of a cruise ship lit up at night with colorful lights on it
Harmony of the Seas | Cruise Ships | Royal Caribbean Cruises
Harmony of the Seas | Forget star gazing. Experience the bright nights and adventure lights on the world's biggest ship, brought to you exclusively by Royal Caribbean, and set to dock in the USA for the first time on November 8th.
an open book with geometric designs on it
Colored Pencils for Adults: 48 Vivid Watercolor Pencils & Pink Case Set, Artist Grade 3.5mm Soft Cores, Color Dry or Wet, Ideal for Art & Coloring Books. Premium accessories & Free Mandalas eBook Inc
By Gerard Lo Monaco A sophisticated and innovative pop-up book that introduces readers to the artwork of Sonia Delaunay and will appeal to both adults and children alike. Readers will not only to be informed and amused but also inspired by this contemporary interpretation of Delaunay’s work. 145 x 195 mm hardback
a book cover with an image of a boat in the water and rope around it
42 book cover ideas to try | Canva
Book cover illustration by Bomboland. Source:
an egg - shaped light switch cover on a white wall with a yellow circle in the center
Simplistic die-cut cover design for egg recipe book. Use of minimal colors and shapes makes it unique amongst other recipe book covers
the end or something like that? by ann dee elfe ellss book cover
The End or Something Like That
The End or Something Like That by Ann Dee Eillis | Publisher: Dial | Publication Date: May 1, 2014 | #YA Contemporary / social issues / coping with loss #ghosts
two books with torn pages on them sitting side by side, one opened and the other closed
When Graphic Design Meets Book Covers - Blog of Francesco Mugnai
Urban Secrets by Katie Haynes
three notebooks with different types of paper and scissors on top of each other, one is
design notebooks I Inspiration for the Playing & Creating Program at
several books are stacked on top of each other
A barbecue book you can cut, slice and cook
A barbecue book you can cut, slice and cook
an open brochure is shown with different images
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Some people think that tablet readers will eventually replace all the books. Well, I don’t think so. Look at this. How can you replicate the packaging and the feel of the book when you hold it in your hands with a tablet reader? I still believe in the production value of books. Yes, it is more expensive to produce a book than an e-book, but books like this are definitely irreplaceable.
four different photographs are shown in three separate sections, one is empty and the other has no image on it
Would make a great idea for a self-promo or leave behind
two scrapbook pages with different pictures and words on them, one is open to show the
Maybe I should do an album with a page of every city we have visited. A 2-ring album that I can add to as we travel....
an open notebook with some stamps on it and a black ribbon around the cover that says, can't be voyage
Road Book - Le blog de cathyscrap85
Bonjour, C'est la première fois que je réalisais un road book. Il est destiné à la chérie de mon fils pour leur voyage à Rome. Sophie de Scrap et Textile m'a envoyé de nouveaux embellissements qu'elle vient juste de créer .... juste parfaits et trop beaux...
an open travel journal sitting on top of a wooden table next to a stack of books
My Husbands' Great Outdoors Adventure Travel Album
CHerInspirations: My Husbands' Great Outdoors Adventure Travel Album (Great blog with tons of pictures about this travel book. GREAT book)
a scrapbook with some pictures on it
Smash Book: Italy
smash book | Scrapacosas: Smash Book: Italy
there is a bottle with money in it floating on the water
A Ilha Produtora - imaginação
A Ilha Produtora. Anúncio Institucional on Behance
two different types of font and numbers on the same page, each with an image of a woman's face
Bruno Landi - Art Director
Transparência - Personnalite Osesp -
a poster for the movie paabo with a chef holding a knife and some food
Unimed Curitiba: Perfume, Keep your company's stars, Keep your company's s... • Ads of the World™ | Part of The Clio Network
Unimed Curitiba: Keep your company's stars, 1 | Ads of the World™
an advertisement for a restaurant called vero esttillo dinz in spanish and english
Promoção de Verão
Promoção de Verão on Behance
a chalk board with some food on it
Knorr: envio de receita pelo Twitter, que pode voltar como cartaz
Knorr: envio de receita pelo Twitter, que pode voltar como cartaz |
the menu for cooking lessons flyer is shown in black and white, with an image of vegetables
Cooking Lessons Flyer
Cooking Lessons Flyer - Download…
a drawing of a man holding a shovel and standing in the snow with his arms outstretched
Print Design image inspiration on Designspiration
blind impression with a concept.
several folders stacked on top of each other with the word liberta printed on them
Oceano | Book | Louis Rigaud
Océano | Livre Jeunesse | Louis Rigaud |
a close up of a brown box with a label on the front and back of it
Inspiration . Creation . Emotion / The work, the shop & the blog of Fabien Barral
Julia Kostreva via embosed paper sticker
the cover of ward london's latest book, wanderlant is shown in gold and
Wardian London brochure
Wardian London brochure by Ballymore Group - issuu