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a drawing of a flower on top of a paper
unalome lotus
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four triangulars with different designs on them
The 12 days of 3Zs - Day 7 - 12
LonettA_Day9-12_The 12 Days of 3zs_2016
an art journal with watercolors and markers
Me encanta como pintas Dani . Eres la mejor
a black and white drawing of a person sitting in front of a tree with yin symbol
Wandering Pixie
an image of a water drop with the word san francisco painted on it
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Namaḥ means 'bow', 'obeisance', 'reverential salutation' or 'adoration'[2] and te means 'to you' (dative case of 'you'). Therefore, Namaste literally means "bow to you" translated as "I bow to you"
the silhouette of a person doing yoga in front of a white background with words that read be the change you wish to see
"Be The Change You Wish To See" Sticker for Sale by emrapper
Be The Change You Wish To See Sticker
an image of a person doing yoga in the middle of a circle with watercolors on it
Todo fluye.....lo que das se te regresa....
a drawing of a person sitting in a lotus position with flowers and leaves on it
Virada Zen: meditação, shows, yoga e outras atividades em SP
yoga virada zen