Budainé Nagy Ibolya

Budainé Nagy Ibolya

Budainé Nagy Ibolya
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ModelistA: A4 NUM 0042 SKIRT

Skirt Portuguese site with illustration showing how to alter a standard skirt pattern to create this cute curved hem skirt

Pin Black And White Stargazer Lily Tattoos on Pinterest

My friend asked me to design a tattoo with swirls and a lily. I didn't have time to "color" the lily properly (I left that for the tattoo artist) so it's kinda simple.

Tattoo Heart - These tattoos have always been popular . The heart symbol can have several meanings , but the most common is a love . Most couples who want to express their eternal love , opt for tattoos heart . The tattoo is most often combined wi

a heart locket tattoo for my friend Maddy. the locket will go on her and a corresponding key will go on her beloved. you can see the key her.