Ibolya Ruppert

Ibolya Ruppert

Ibolya Ruppert
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<p>Kelly Reemtsen’s candy-colored paintings of women have dark undertones, exploring the paradoxical status of being female in a “post-feminist” contemporary society. Reemtsen’s iconic motif is a woman in a festive cocktail dress, sporting an object that is at odds with her leisurely costume, like carpentry equipment or power tools. Her other subjects have included women […]</p>

LA-based painter Kelly Reemtsen's new exhibit, “Smashing,” opened last week at the De Buck Gallery in Chelsea. Her subjects wear retro dresses and wield household tools.

De Buck Gallery is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition by Los Angeles-based painter Kelly Reemtsen, entitled Smashing.

De Buck Gallery is a contemporary and modern art gallery active in both the primary and secondary art markets, representing the finest in paintings, sculptures and photography.

OcéanoMar - Art Site : Jessica Harrison

Scottish artist Jessica Harrison (previously featured here) recently completed more of her awesome Painted Ladies, exquisitely altered ceramic sculptures of antique figurines. They’re elegant ladies.