TUTORIAL - Create a Wire Wrap. - Go to the bottom of this photo tutorial for idea for wrapping an olive sea shell

DIY :: adorable mini-suitcases

Mini suitcases made out wood blocks ~ I want to make these, but with them cut in half and hinged. Carve out the insides to be just like a miniature suitcase! I like their ideas for decorating them.

Warhammer Building Walkthrough by dlshadowwolf

fChristmas Village House Tutorial Warhammer Building Walkthrough by dlshadowwolf

How to make a convincing fire from a Tic-Tac box | Source: Tudor Dollhouse

The Tudor / Medieval / Jacobean / Queen Anne Dollhouse Project: How to make a simple fire/ember unit for a scale dollhouse from a TicTac box

Miniature tutorials

As requested, here are tutorials work making: - pencils and crayons - cigarette - cigarette holder What you´ll need is toothpicks, cotton puff, paper and acrylics paint.

How to make "moving water"

Turn on the taps! - Dolls House Magazine - Crafts Institute Catherine Davies demonstrates how to recreate the effect of moving water in your miniature scenes