13 Colonies

Uncover the rich history of the 13 Colonies and how they shaped the United States. Discover the key events, influential figures, and important milestones that defined this pivotal period in American history.
South Carolina, one of the 13 original American Colonies, was separated from its twin colony, North Carolina, due to political struggles between the two states. Description from ruzavoc.xlx.pl. I searched for this on bing.com/images Colonial, North Carolina, American Colonies, American Revolutionary War, Southern Colonies, 13 Colonies Map, United States History, American, 13 Colonies

Map of the thirteen American colonies 1775. The uncolored territory east of the Mississippi and south of the great lakes, was claimed by Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Massachusetts and Connecticut, by virtue of their charters. The part north of the Ohio is shown in this map as part of the province of Quebec, to which it was added in 1774.

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How well do you know the original 13 colonies ? What were the 13 colonies ? = British Colonies Where were the colonies located ? = Atlantic coast of North America. When were they founded in order ?…

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