1972 olympics

Relive the most iconic moments from the 1972 Olympics and witness the triumphs and challenges that defined this historic event. Explore the achievements of legendary athletes and the stories behind their incredible performances.
Adrian Frutiger designed this type (Univers) used for the 1972 Olympics in Munich. The design of the graphics get to be paramount because the typeface is simple and straightforward and the viewer doesn't get distracted by it. It serves its purpose of relaying important information kind of on a subliminal level, with no thought to what the type looks like. Vintage Graphic Design, Olympics Graphics, Adrian Frutiger, Erik Spiekermann, 1972 Olympics, Multi-sport Event, Otl Aicher, Money Design, Football Design

Swiss typographer Adrian Frutiger, designer of typefaces including Univers, Avenir and the eponymous Frutiger, has died. Graphic designers have paid tribute to his existence and his legacy. Erik Spiekermann named him “the best sort designer of the 20th century” although London-based mostly studio Sawdust mentioned that his “brilliance and influence knew no bounds”. Frutiger, whose letterforms […]

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