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I love to see how color-blocking shows up across different industries: fashion, graphic design, interior design, architecture, product design and art. Colors mix to form happy combinations, which is definitely a mood lifter! The exploration of color opens up new areas in small spaces and add warmth to large ones. In my mind I think […]

Lena Razumnaya
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Pakistan-based art director and illustrator Omar Aqil (previously) continues his Character Illustrations series with more collaged portraits made from stacks of 3D objects. Using digital software including Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Octane, and Adobe Illustrator, Aqil creates Picasso-esque faces and places them into random, casual scenes. The shadows, highlights, and colors make Aqil’s rendered sculptures and plinths appear as built-objects in a physical location. Implied facial features…

Irene Kay