60s tv shows

Step back in time and explore the iconic 60s TV shows that captivated audiences. Discover the top shows that became cultural phenomena and relive the magic of this unforgettable era.
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Petticoat Junction is one of the best situation comedy (sitcom) shows aired in the early 60s. American screenwriter and producer Paul Henning created this sitcom. The Petticoat Junction’s storyline mainly focused on the Bradley family, who owns the Shady Rest Hotel. Kate Bradley is the proprietor of the hotel. Her three daughters, Betty Jo, Bobbie

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From Mr. Ed to Gilligan, you are truly a student of popular 60s television! You probably remember cramping around your old big-box TV with the family, TV dinners in hand, and being blown away by the new generation of TV shows. These were TV’s beginnings. There was never anything like 60s TV before, and the 60s were the beginning of the TV as we know it today. Now, Share this quiz and let’s share fond memories of 60s TV with your friends. Which of these shows was your favorite? Comment below!

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