Abc bingo

Engage your kids in a fun and educational activity with ABC Bingo games. Discover a variety of exciting bingo games that help children learn the alphabet while having a blast. Start playing now and watch your little ones master their ABCs!
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If you have little ones learning letters, this printable alphabet bingo game will be a fun addition to your school time. There are 3 bingo sheets to print, and then parents can call out letters, while little ones mark the ones they find on their sheets with Cherrios, pennies or something similar. Just like regular […]

Katie Stilwater
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There are 16 different cards to play the alphabet bingo + 2 sets of letters for the teacher.Each letter is illustrated with an object or an animal. Elicit the words with the students, before or after playing the bingo game.You can also ask the students to colour the bingo cards if you print them in black and white. - ESL worksheets

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