Accordion fold cards tutorial

Learn how to create beautiful accordion fold cards with this step-by-step tutorial. Impress your friends and family with personalized handmade cards for any occasion.
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Today's tutorial is more of a decorative element than a true card fold technique. It involves concertina folding a piece of double-sided paper to form a pretty decoration that brings to mind pleated curtains. 1. Start with a strip of double-sided patterned paper measuring 21/2" x 103/4". Measure 3/4" from the bottom, right hand edge and mark with a pencil. Using a ruler and craft knife or a trimmer, cut from the top, left hand corner to the mark you made on the right hand side. We'll only be…

Maria Bosma
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I have an awesome card fold to share with you today - not too difficult, and it looks spectacular when standing up on display. Although it does take a lot of card stock, it would be fantastic for a special occasion or for an event where lots of people wish to sign their name. TEMPLATES 1. Start by trimming your card stock to size. You'll need a 12" x 51/2" piece for the card base plus an extra 41/2" x 51/2" piece to extend the base. You'll also need an 81/2" x 31/4" piece and a 9" x 31/4"…

Heather Lambeth
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Create an accordion style folded card My wife's grandmother, we call her Mamaw, recently turned 96. I wanted to create a card that she would love and cherish. I also wanted to see the delight in her eyes when she opened a card that was almost if not longer than her arm span. Then I…