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The image above highlights the main vortical structures (swirling flow) generated by the front wing. Aerodynamicts will meticulously optimise the vortex strength, placement, and interaction with one another to manipuate the flow around the rest of the car. Vortex flow management is now one of the key aspects in designing a successful Formula 1 car. […]

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Concept test // Aerodynamic by Bas Aarts, via Behance #illustration #aerodynamic #neon

Concept test // AerodynamicsA concept test in how to show the aerodynamics of a car in a visual and graphic way. The idea was to make the air flow look like a symphony of light beems.

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Recently formula 1 race car for 2021 has been annoucned. Significant changes have been made in the design of the F1 2021 car e.g. simplified front wings, sweeping bodywork, bigger rear wings, simplified suspension etc. How will that impact the aerodynamics to answer this question I have done aerodynamics analysis of F1 2021 concept race car. Some initial results are included in this project. Simulation is performed using ANSYS CFX. Around 18 million mesh cells are used in this analysis. For…