African grey parrot funny

Get ready to laugh out loud with these funny and cute African Grey Parrot videos. Discover the playful antics of these intelligent birds and brighten up your day with their entertaining tricks.
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Watch as this adorable parrot asks Alexa to switch the lights off and then seeks to engage her in conversation. After his first attempt fails, he even dismounts his perch and goes in for a closer chat. The parents of this African grey parrot named Petra will be glad that Alexa can't understand birdsong after

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5 Ways to Treat Nutritional Deficiencies in African Grey Parrots Food For Dry Skin, Bone Diseases, Nutritional Deficiencies, Animal Medicine, Parrot Diet, African Grey Parrot, Chickens, Cockatiel Care, Timneh African Grey

Your African Grey parrot has started showing strange symptoms, and you think they might have a nutritional deficiency. Well, don't panic! Whether your feathered friend is suffering from Vitamin A deficiency, metabolic bone disease (MBD),...

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Einstein is an African Gray Parrot with an extensive vocabulary and rich personality. He’s something of a rising Youtube celebrity, putting out videos with his owner. Here we see Einstein just plain having fun, singing ‘Shake Your Booty’ and taking his own advice until someone joins him. #birds #parrots #Pets #AfricanGrayParrot Albert Einstein, Parrots, Youtube, Videos, Cockatoo, Bird Watchers, African Grey Parrot, Bird Lovers, Parrot

Okay, I think we’ve found the next owner of the internet for a few weeks. This booty-shaking parrot sings about… well… booty-shaking. Einstein is an African Gray Parrot that has some moves to go along with his message. He doesn’t want a cracker. He wants to boogie and he wants you to boogie, too. African

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