African house decor

Transform your home with African house decor that showcases the rich culture and vibrant colors of Africa. Discover top ideas to infuse your space with warmth and authenticity.
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Incorporate cultural symbols and motifs into your afrohemian living room decor to honor African heritage and traditions. Use symbols like Adinkra symbols or African proverbs as decorative accents on wall art, textiles, or decorative objects. Incorporating cultural symbols adds depth and meaning to your afrohemian home decor while celebrating African culture.

Emily McAteer
20 Inventive Ways to Decorate with Your Travel Souvenirs - museuly

Most of us like to bring home souvenirs from our overseas (and local!) trips. These mementos remind us of the distances we have journeyed and our travel experiences. Displaying them will instantly add interest and personality to our homes. Not to mention, it will be a conversation starter when entertaining guests. Unfortunately, incorporating these treasures in our interior design is a challenge. If we don’t, these holiday finds, no matter how beautiful and tasteful they are, become clutter…

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