After surgery

Learn effective tips and techniques to aid your recovery after surgery. Discover ways to heal faster and improve your overall well-being for a smoother post-operative experience.
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After having various surgeries, I've learned a few things to help with a smooth recovery. Here are simple tips that will help with a fast and smooth healing after surgery.

Rebecca Enemark
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My surgery recovery earlier this year was the first I’ve had in 5 years I had several months to prepare for it, which made my overall recovery easier. Unfortunately, I am a surgery pro, which is why I’ve pulled together a list of 15 things to do to make your recovery go smoothly. I hope that these tips for recovering from surgery help you, too!

Cherie Rokke
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Major shoulder surgery is anything but a breeze. Here's an update on my recovery plus some helpful tips to get you through the worst of it.

Mary Toren
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Laparoscopic surgery, otherwise known as laparoscopy, is a diagnostic procedure in which a doctor examines your abdominal organs with a laparoscope, a slender tool with a tiny video camera at the end of it. To do this, the doctor makes an...

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