Ag doll hairstyles

Elevate your American Girl doll's style with these creative hairstyle ideas. Discover fun and unique ways to give your doll a fresh new look that will make her stand out.

At American Girl stores, you can bring your doll(s) in and take them to the hair salon inside. There you can select from a variety of possible hairstyles and the stylists there will spritz and style your doll(s) hair for you. These styles include a range of braids and ponytails, as well as your character doll's (historical or GotY) original hairstyle. On top of that, there are seasonal hairstyles that change every few months. Here is a list of the current hairstyles available at the Doll…

Natalie Houts
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Curly haired dolls are especially cute; however, the curls do tend to frizz easily. After about a year and a half now of styling my Courtney doll’s hair on occasion, her hair is looking frumpy. Re-curling the hair takes a little time, about an hour to two hours depending on how precise you want to […]

Lindsay Bartels