Airfoil design

Explore innovative airfoil design ideas to enhance the performance of your project. Discover how these cutting-edge designs can improve efficiency and optimize airflow.
Technology demonstrator: formed from a 1.0 mm steel sheet and featuring integrated, folded reinforcement, the rotor blade was given its final shape with the help of an oil-water mixture. Credit: Fraunhofer IWU Metal, Design, Eco Friendly, Wind Turbine Blades, Metal Working, Steel Sheet, Small Wind Turbine, Experimental Aircraft, Wind Power

Wind turbines deliver environmentally friendly electricity. Yet the fiber-reinforced plastics often used in very large rotor blades are almost impossible to recycle. Not so with steel blades: since these are composed of steel, their recyclability exceeds 90 percent. Plus they cost significantly less than comparable plastic blades.

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Design. Test. Print. Build. an Aerodynamic RC Plane (Tutorial): Recently I saw a few 3d printed RC planes on the internet, since printing the plane body and parts is low cost and the pieces are replaceable it is a great choice to build a RC plane, but many of those planes had 3D printed parts as the base structu…

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