Alphabet pasta

Make mealtime exciting with creative and fun alphabet pasta dishes. Discover delicious recipes and clever ways to incorporate these letter-shaped noodles into your kids' meals.
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Do you remember eating alphabet pasta as a child? It was a fun way to learn the alphabet while enjoying a bowl of warm soup. Well, why should kids have all the fun? My Grown-Up Alphabet Pasta is a fun and modern take one the childhood classic. Made with chicken broth, garlic, shallot, and butter, finished with a generous sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano, it is a warm and cozy delight with every bite, And the best part? You can make it gluten-free by using orzo instead of the traditional…

Joan Hollensted
Alphabet Pastina with Broccoli Rabe Butter (for the kids!) Homemade Baby Foods, Pastina Recipes, Broccoli Rabe Recipe, Baby Pasta, Alphabet Pasta, Butter Pasta, Broccoli Rabe, Perfect Pasta, Pasta Shapes

Pastina (literally, “little pasta”) with butter is a baby’s first solid food throughout Italy, and revisited in adulthood whenever comfort food is in order. I’ve started making a variation using broccoli rabe butter. It is an ideal way for children to develop an early liking for these miraculously healthful greens. Like any pasta, it tastes best served immediately after cooking, and piping hot. Cool it down to warm for babies, of course. Recipe by Julia della Croce Julia is one of America’s…

Broccoli Rabe
Cheesy Alphabet Pasta in a Mug Kid Lunches, Alphabet Noodles Recipes, Alphabet Pasta Recipes, Pasta In A Mug, Alphabet Noodles, Alphabet Pasta, Quick Pasta, Toddler Lunches, Eggless Baking

Pasta, this word itself makes my kids happy, they can have pasta everyday without any fuss. Dunno why they go crazy if i says pasta for today's lunch. Obviously i'll cook pasta atleast twice a week at home and serve with different sauce or else simply some baked dish with pastas. Earlier if i make pasta for lunch or dinner, i'll keep aside a bowl of rice for me as i dont like pastas that much. But i think nowadays its not a big deal for me to have pastas as am trying to like them as much as…

Amy Brackenridge